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Today its all about Facebook. The blue experience facebook is a fascinating device designed by Tolga Tuncer, it runs facebook app beautifully. As it is designed specifically for facebook it has dedicated keys for comment, like, camera etc.  Enclosed in a blue saturated aluminum casing (17.5 cm x 5.5cm) and designed in as a wedge, the display is easily viewable even when the phone is flat on a table.
Blue Experience Facebook Features:

On the top there is a message income notification element combined as a button to access your messaging center directly.
There is an internal speaker output and a headphone connection.
On the front, there is the Like-Button.
The ear-speaker phone and micro is at the back so you have to turn the phone to make calls.
At the back there is a new developed camera button with LED-flash.
Spotify is embedded into the system with a dedicated button on the left side.

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