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Are you a Student Pilot or just an enthusiast of Flight Simulation, then you will surely love the TRC 472-M(built-ready to use) or TRC 472-M (DIY Kit). The TRC-472 Flight simulator is so realistic that you can hardly tell the difference between the simulator and the real aircraft cockpit. It is modelled after the popular Cessna 172 Skyhawk (which most the pilots love). The guages are designed to be driven from a personal computer. The best part, the TRC 472 comes with TRC Professional Rudder Pedals. If you would like to have a complete cockpit experience then go for the additional cockpit enclosure plus visual and motion base.

As you can see in the image, the gauges are not projected on a LCD screen, but instead real instruments which feels and looks just like the original instruments. The TRC 472 is available in 4 versions:-

The TRC472 Full Kit (built it yourself)
The TRC472-M (ready to fly, personal use only)
The TRC472C-NG
(ready to fly, commercial/training use allowed)
The TRC472-F (ready to fly, JAA/FNPT1 and FAA approved) (Ask for more information)

The TRC 472 is controlled via the Microsoft Flight Simulator (version 2004/FS9 or FSX).

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