I Am In Love With The Parrot Flower Power Sensor

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An Incredible sensor that assesses your plant’s needs and sends alerts to your smartphone.

Yes you have read it correct. In a pot or in the ground, the Parrot Flower Power monitors andflower power analyzes the four parameters which are essential to your plant’s health, such as Sunlight, Temperature, Fertilizer & Moisture. You just place the sensor in the pot soil or even in the ground soil, the sensor connects via Bluetooth to the companion app, through which you can know whenever your Flower Power detects that your attention is needed, you will receive notification on your smartphone or tablet which uses Bluetooth Smart to connect to Flower Power.

You will just know when to water them, add fertilizer, or repot your plant to ensure its well being. The app is developed for iOS and Android. The app has a database of 7000 plants and the sensor has a 6 months battery time.

The Flower Power sensor has a thermistor which measures the air temperature. Plants of course have different needs in terms of temperature range.

Measuring how fertile the soil is, Flower Power measures electrical conductivity. This indicates the number of ions in the soil and ions come from fertilizer, the more ions there are in the soil, the more fertile it is.

To assess soil moisture, Flower Power measures dielectric permittivity. The more moisture in the soil, the higher the permittivity.

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