How To Diagnose And Fix Everything Electronic

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Do you love to tinker electronics or are you a gadget freak like me, then you might be interested in this amazing book named “How to diagnose and fix everything electronic”. I must say, this book is a must for every electronic tinkerer and hobbyist. You’ll start by selecting the tools and test equipment you will need and setting your workbench. Then as you read on you will get familiar with components and how they form circuits, stages, and sections of a device. Next you will learn how to take a product apart, figure our what’s wrong with it, replace components and reassemble it. Yes you have read it correct.

Real world case studies, tips and tricks for specific devices, such as optical disc players, computers, video recorders. Below are some customers reviews:-

This book is extremely well written, easy to follow and makes sense. The author actually “takes you by the hand” and leads you through simple test procedures, step by step and explains why things are being done.
Gadget Guru

I am currently a student of aviation electronics on the verge of graduation. I have been in the A/V business primarily as an Audio Engineer (A1 or FOH) for over 20 years. I have taken numerous courses in electronics, networking, and programming. I believe this is the best electronics book I have found. I read the first 5 chapters in less than 24 hours after receiving the book.
Talon Rayne

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