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“The Echo may be the closest thing we’ll have to a Star Trek computer at home” – CNET

“Echo could hear my voice even when music was playing loudly…” – USA Today

“With Amazon Echo, it was love at first sight.” – Re/code

For those of you who still do not know about the Amazon Echo, let me give you a brief introduction about it. The Amazon Echo is designed around your voice for your voice. It’s hand’s free and always on. You will be amazed that the Amazon Echo has seven microphones and beam forming technology. The Amazon Echo can hear you from across the room, even when music is playing, now that is what I would say “Superb”.

Amazon Echo

The amazing features is that the Amazon Echo can be connected to Alexa, a cloud based voice service, to provide information, answer questions, play music, read the news, check sports scores or even the weather. All you have to do is just say “Amazon” or “Alexa” as a wake up word. You would really surprised how brilliantly the Amazon Echo was designed, tucked under the light ring on Echo is an array of seven microphones. With enhanced noise cancellation, Echo can hear you ask a question while its even playing music and if you are wondering how would it detect the wake up word. Echo uses on-device keyword spotting to detect the wake word. When it detects the wake word, it lights up and stream audio to the cloud, where the Alexa voice services features get into action.

The more you use Echo, the more it gets smarter, all thanks to Alexa, the brain behind Echo. Echo is updating itself continuously, recently streaming music from Pandora, audiobooks from Audible, Google calendar access, live sports scores and schedules, traffic reports.

Even more I loved was the Connected Home feature. You can use Echo to switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, turn on the fan or space heater while reading in your favorite chair, or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie (I love this), all without lifting a finger, or even raising your voice. The Echo works with devices such as light switches from Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue and Wink.

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